(emergency) Message repeater,Elevator Floor Position Announcement, Public Broadcast System,

Voice Announcements for Bus, MRT Stop Arrival, Voice Announcements for Ticket/Currency

Exchange Machines,Sound Effects from Large-Sized Entertainment Devices, Music Player,Queue &

Calling System, voice Guidance System...

VCM-SD300 MP3 Voice Module

*Support MP3 format voice files

*Sample Rate can reach to 48KHz

*Bit Rate can reach to 320K Bit/s

*SDHC(SD2.0)-high capacity SD

  CARD for storing

*Play mode selections:

  -Player Mode

  -Trigger Modes:

  Direct Single Mode

  -8+1bit(X8)/9bit Binary Mode

  -ASCII UART mode

New!! Optional Equipment:

SPA-1 Amplifier Module

Connected to the voice module for

a 5 Watt voice output. While

connecting to an amplifier, it can

be up to 15 Watt.