Government institutions, Military units,Schools, Hospitals, Companies and firms,Factories,

Department stores, Malls,Supermarkets, Amusement parks and resorts.

QCM-6200GS digital sound/bell timer

announcer: user-friendly operation:

LCD Chinese/English language versions for

display. Schedules for each day, timer

announcements or messages are able to be

edited via the LCD front panel directly or

PC. QCM-6200GS also can be a music

player.  A CF card voice module board is

built in the QCM-6200GS module.

The capacity can be up to 2GB for one CF


Support PC Monitor software for instantly

controlling schedules, relay outputs and


New!! Optional equipment-

Equipping with QCM-SC1 (a connector for

GPS use) enables QCM-6200 to connect to

the satellite for time synchronization