QCM-6200G (MP3 VERSION) Auto Bell System is built in a SD    CARD voice module, announcing the better quality sounds in MP3    format!! Available to be equipped with a GPS module for time    synchronization and adjustment.
QCM-6200GS, Digital Sound / Bell Timer Announcer, supports PC    Monitor Software to have a sound control on the system and    programmed schedules at any time! QCM-6200GS is alos able to    beequipped with a GPS module for time synchronization.
VCM-SD300 MP3 digital voice module--with a high quality voice    performance & multiple play modes for selection. For detailed    information, please contact with the sales department!
QCM-6600 Multi-Function Timer System-- Apply to control    systems & able to be equipped with a GPS module for time    synchronization.
Fair Info: Interlift07 in Augsburg, Germany, Oct. 2007.
VCM-Series Digital Voice Module with a wide applications.
VCM-CF380 is to be triggered to play the voice files along with    the time arrangements. The files are stored in a CF CARD. The    sampling rate can be 44kHz, 16bits at most.
QCM-6200G Automatic Timer Broadcast System.This product can    equip with a GPS module and synchronize the time via PC or GPS.
VCM-Series software: TrueWave & ROM Linker / VCM-CF Linker    Download now!
LCD INDICATOR for elevator makes an elevator more    technological and user friendly.
ARM SYSTEM ODM. Project: Welcome to contact our Project    Dep.
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